hi i'm kelsey and I am an english major and i like lilacs and one day i want to be a teacher

  • Salma Deera, The Room, The Building, Etc.  (via 5000letters)

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  • "it’s like this:
    say there’s a whole room of people and you’re somewhere in the middle of them all.
    I walk in and I see you, but you don’t suddenly become the only person in the room. god no. you become the room. you are the room."
  • writingbyella:

    we fuck
    like we are strangers.
    this is how we love:
    a cold kiss
    on one side of the pillow.

    ((i forget your name))

    you are one half 
    of a lit match. 
    your skin is a ghost -
    i am
    kissing nothing. 

  • Jeffrey McDaniel, “When A Man Hasn’t Been Kissed” (via lifeinpoetry)

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  • "When I haven’t been kissed

    in a long time, I create civil disturbances,
    then insult the cops who show up,

    till one of them grabs me by the collar
    and hurls me up against the squad car,

    so I can remember, at least for a moment,
    what it’s like to be touched."
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    sexy inexplicable melancholy

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  • had a dream my boyfriend told me I was the best thing to ever happen to him- woke up and realized that is a completely fabricated scenario

  • Muse | Ramna Safeer (via inkywings)
  • "I.
    Van Gogh slices off his ear
    to feel his body scream.
    Your heart is always a missed beat
    away from collapsing, from
    giving up. How do I keep the words
    capitalized but still whisper them
    softly? How do I learn to fuck
    but know when love is
    being made?
    The blinds are always closed.
    I think that was you but
    I can’t be sure. It was my hands
    pulling on the string but your hands
    leaving. Which one of us
    is to blame for
    Somewhere someone
    is making to-do lists of things she has
    already done. Check, check,
    check, red pen bloody and new.
    The dog doesn’t remember its owner
    before the car hits it.
    The artist calls her his muse
    with his hands fingering lint in his pockets.
    The artist forgets that the muse
    has a heartbeat too."
  • Lora Mathis, Black Coffee (via larmoyante)

    yes i wrote this thank you 

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  • "

    It’s your flaws I want to taste.
    Your crooked mouth.
    The way you smell after being
    out all day. Your knees, so eager
    to bend
    to whatever song is playing in
    your head.
    Your chest, as it rises and falls
    and rises and falls
    on the carpeted ground. Your
    sometimes smooth chin.
    Your pimpled politeness. Your
    tangled hair.
    Your good morning,
    every morning.
    I don’t want to be able to run
    my fingers through you easily.
    It is no fun writing about

    I want to talk about you.
    Flawed. Crooked.

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  • "You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly."
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    The only couple needed in Brave.

    They love each other so much.

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  • "When I was little, I asked my pastor if
    Judas had been in love with Jesus.
    He sent me back to my mother early, with
    a note for her to explain “things.”
    But no matter what anyone said, I couldn’t
    be convinced that the Bible
    was anything less than a love story.
    (I kissed your cheek in front of them all
    and in doing so, I think that I
    damned the both of us. You,
    to be left crucified and bleeding and
    paying for my sins. Me, to be left
    wandering and wanting and
    never to see your face again.)"